Research and Advice Services

Services include policy reviews, strategy development, programme evaluation, good practice and guidance materials, surveys and analysis, and literature reviews.

Reviewing policies, including rural proofing advice

Brian Wilson Associates offers a ‘rural proofing’ service. If you’re designing or implementing a policy and wish to ensure you’ve taken account of rural needs and circumstances – that the policy will work as intended in rural areas – we can honestly say we are the experts. Whatever the policy topic we can test its rural-friendliness and offer informed advice.

Developing strategies and plans

Sound evidence and analysis is an important input to any policy review, strategy development or delivery plan. Brian Wilson Associates would be pleased to support organisations and partnerships by providing that underpinning analysis or by helping to produce strategy and plan documents.

Evaluating policies and programmes

We can help you learn from your policies or initiatives, whether that’s developing a monitoring and evaluation framework at the outset, conducting a mid-term evaluation to review progress or undertaking a final evaluation to assess outputs and outcomes.

Developing and promoting good practice

Brian Wilson Associates can assist your organisation in building its knowledge on good practice and innovation. We would be pleased to help you identify what makes good practice, to create case study and guidance material, and to help you promote that information.

Stakeholder surveys and analysis of data

Over many years Brian has built up a significant knowledge of data sources, data interpretation and statistical presentation. This includes measuring needs and targeting policies.

If you’re seeking to gather views from partner or stakeholder organisations we’d be pleased to undertake interviews or well-designed surveys and to help you interpret the results.

Undertaking literature and document reviews

It’s easy to overlook the lessons of the past or to feel overwhelmed by the wealth of available information. We can help policy makers take stock, reviewing the literature and documentation, pulling out salient messages and identifying policy implications.