Consultancy Approach

The aim at Brian Wilson Associates is simple – to deliver on time, on budget and exceeding client expectations.  Wherever possible we’ll seek to add value.

We’ll work closely with you, the client, to ensure we understand your project needs in order to create outputs that are genuinely usable.

Brian has been on the other side of the fence and commissioned dozens of contracts himself, during his time working in central and local government.  He understands the client perspective.

It’s important to find a consultant who combines the necessary technical or research skills with a sound understanding of policy making.  Brian Wilson and his associates have that combination.

As one of client said, “All of us were impressed with the report, as we have been with everything you have produced during the lifetime of the contract. Exactly what we were after.”  Another wrote: “What can I say?  It’s so refreshing to read a report that starts at the beginning, takes the reader logically through the process and ends with constructive conclusions.”